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"If there is a better sharpening system out there, I have yet to see it. This will be the last sharpening system you will ever have to purchase..."
- Darryl Young, Freelance writer

"In less than a day , your device has ended twenty years of frustration with a dozen other patently unsatisfactory solutions to the problem."
- Bryant Cushing

"..with the Edge Pro , given a modest amount of practice anyone can take a dull knife and put a perfect edge on the blade"
- Schuyler Engle, LA Times

" Hi Ben,
Back around Christmas I purchased an Edge Pro Apex Sharpening System from you. Now that I've had a significant amount of time with it, I wanted to tell you how thoroughly pleased I am! It's not very often I buy something and have it live up to ALL my expectations, but this is one. I honestly can't think of a way to improve it. Thanks for a great product!"
- John Caviness

Feel free of course. I will stand behind any comment I have ever made about Edge Pro. The product quality. The edges it produces. The service of the company. The commitment of the company to stand behind the product before and after sale. In reality you could give 99% of the companies out there lessons in public relations, customer care, and professionalism. But then you have a product that is more than "good enough". It is superior. So I guess that makes it a lot easier to stand in front of and behind the product.

"You should be proud of the product you are producing. Nothing I have ever tried will produce an edge this sharp on a knife."
- Dwade Hawley - Fort Smith, NWT Canada


"I must say, I was a little spectacle — I have purchased 5 machines, including a full Tormax system.  Wow, do you deliver!  Your Pro system is incredibly easy to use and unbelievably surpasses anything else on the market — the results are better than any custom factory process.  I took an old MOD Tactical, that I was going to throw away, and within minutes had an edge that exceeded new condition.  Thanks."

-Bernard Fred Atkinson