650 Grit Matrix Sharpening Stone (LIMITED SUPPLY)

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The diamond Matrix line was designed for the sharpening fanatics that insist on the best. Attention to detail and quality are immediately visible when you hold them in your hand. The Matrix diamond stone sharpeners have a special feel of their own, and last an incredibly long time.

As the 650 grit sharpening stone wears, new diamond particles are exposed so the stone continues to cut at the same rate not losing any performance.

***Diamond stone knife sharpeners are ideal for the modern "super steels"

***Works great for sharpening ceramic knives

* While we do all we can to reduce voids in the stone we cannot guarantee all stones will be free of them. These voids will not interrupt the sharpening performance.

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  • 5
    Amazing Results

    Posted by Steven C on Jun 18th 2023

    I'm slowly replacing all my traditional wet stones for these diamond matrix stones. I am getting better, faster results and they wear like iron. Very pleased with my Edge Pro sharpening system and now it's even easier to keep a razors edge on all my knives.

  • 5

    Posted by Kyle Sampson on Mar 16th 2023

    Excellent build quility, I usually start with this stone if the knife doesn't need any reprofiling. Creates a really nice edge, usually follow up with the 1100 stone.

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    650 grit matrix sharpening stone

    Posted by Dave Edlund on Mar 6th 2023

    I use this after the 250 grit matrix stone for a super fine edge.

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    Matrix 650 sharpening stone

    Posted by Gene Duffy on Aug 30th 2022

    Great addition to the basic stones on Apex 4 Did not need many passes to get the edge I was looking for. Wusthof Chef’s knife snd 12 inch meat slicer are now finely tuned

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    650 grit matrix stone

    Posted by Alex on May 21st 2022

    Bought this along with a 250 grit matrix stone and it’s great. Works really well, nice cutting action on harder to sharpen steels like S90V and M4. A must have item.

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    Matrix stones

    Posted by Bare Hand Sharpening Phoenix on Dec 9th 2021

    This stone is my favorite so far of the set. It really is all they say it is with an amazing feel and a visual purity of the edge, very consistent and tactile feedback from the bevel. I couldn't be happier that I finally splurged and started using matrix stones. I really like my AO stones, and they've treated me right in the seven years I've been working on the Edge Pro professional. But the matrix stones just added a very appealing new level to my sharpening business. I'm hooked!

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    Diamond matrix stone

    Posted by Randy Jackson on Nov 23rd 2021

    Excellent, quality product, cuts quickly & produces an excellent edge.

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    650 matrix stone

    Posted by Robert Friscia on Nov 12th 2021

    This stone is well worth having in your rotation. It is well made and works fine with my M390 steels.

  • 5

    Posted by Warren J. on Jan 27th 2020

    I wouldnÕt call myself a fanatic but I really like to do good work for my clients and I simply find the diamond stones easier to work with... they have a different feel to them and I find that I am able to feel whatÕs happening with the blade IÕm working on more accurately. ThatÕs what works for me anyway.

  • 5

    Posted by Bradley Benac on Jul 8th 2018

    This 600 grit Diamond Matrix Stone is fantastic! I purchase the entire new line of Diamond Matrix Stones and this one is probably my favorite. It leaves an awesome edge on the blade! I cannot recommend these new stones enough.