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We offer two different sharpening systems with a variety of stones and accessories to fit your sharpening needs.

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Edge Pro Apex

Our highly portable sharpening machine perfect for home use and while traveling.

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Sharpen Anywhere

The Apex is designed for portability so you can stay sharp wherever you go.

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Professional Model

Our Professional model is the perfect choice for sharpening fanatics or those looking to start a sharpening business.

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It's Magnetic

All Professional models now ship with magnetized tables.

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Why Choose Us?

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We do business the old fashioned way. At Edge Pro we believe in our products and back them up with personal customer support. Our staff have extensive sharpening   experience and can help get you up to speed when you need help.

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Both the Professional and Apex model are built in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty.  Our durable sharpening platform does not require any additional tools or wrenches, and with our carefully selected sharpening abrasives you can sharpen any knife.

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New customers choose Edge Pro because we have a reputation for building equipment that works. Our simple but effective design make it an easy choice for anyone who has used other sharpening gadgets or tried freehand sharpening unsuccessfully.

Featured Products

  • "After years of experience with freehand sharpening, I decided to give the Edge Pro a try. The quality and ease of use were very impressive, but what I noticed most was the consistency. The accuracy of the system takes away all guess work, leaving you with perfect edges every time. If you don't want to invest hundreds of hours perfecting freehand sharpening, the edge pro should be your choice."

    - Kyle Noseworthy

  • "I sharpen for a living. I have an Apex Model with over 5,000 knives sharpened, and a Professional Model approaching 10,000 knives sharpened. For quality, versatility and precision, I simply won’t use anything else. Edgepro rocks!"

    - Rob Bixby, A.K.A The ApostleP on YouTube, Professional Knife sharpener

  • "For steel testing it's important to rule out as many variables as possible, I liked the Edge Pro Professional Model for its comfort and ability to get repeatable results when trying to unravel the mysteries of steel."

    - Shawn Houston Triple B Handmade knives

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Brand new multi point adjustable Slide Guide for the Apex and Pro

Brand new multi point adjustable Slide Guide for the Apex and Pro

Two points of contact for improved stabilization and quicker blade placement on your knife sharpener systems. Lockable center piece that independently slides back and forth and can lock in to…

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Make fillet knife sharpening a breeze with these 5 helpful tips

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The new Matrix Sharpening Stones

The new Matrix Sharpening Stones

Locally designed and made with domestically Sourced diamonds, our new Matrix sharpening stones give you the highest quality edge on virtually any…

Magnet accessory for Apex and Pro models

Magnet accessory for Apex and Pro models

For several years Apex users have been gluing or taping magnets underneath the blade table of their Apex. This modification helps stabilize the blade while you're sharpening especially…