BevelTech Kit #2

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Introducing the Beveltech, our latest addition to the Edge Pro lineup: the precision-engineered knife sharpener designed to elevate your sharpening experience. This innovative sharpener boasts laser-engraved markings, ensuring utmost precision in your angle settings.

Versatility is key, which is why the Beveltech offers multiple mounting options, allowing you to find the perfect setup for your sharpening needs. The kit includes a C-Clamp as the stock method for mounting to a work surface. But you can permanently mount this knife sharpener to your workspace using the 2 pre-drilled holes if you prefer. We also have a weighted base option available for purchase.

The built-in tilting feature allows you to customize the work height to your preference, and saves your back during those long sharpening sessions.

But that's not all. We've included a convenient attachment point for an angle gauge, making it easier than ever to achieve a digital read-out. With the Beveltech, sharpening your knives becomes not just a task, but a precise art form.

Elevate your sharpening game with the Beveltech, where precision meets convenience.

This Sharpening Kit Includes:

  • BevelTech Knife Sharpener
  • Stone Arm with Retainer
  • Magnetized Blade Table
  • 360 Degree Center Rotating Pivot
  • C-Clamp
  • 220 Grit Stone
  • 400 Grit Stone
  • 600 Grit Stone
  • 8" Ceramic Hone
  • Water Bottle
  • Blue Clean-up towel
  • Instruction Manual
  • 1/4" Hex Key For Tilt Adjustment

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