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Edge Pro Inc. -- Chisel Grind

Chisel Grind

  • Learn how to sharpen a chisel grind today. Set the PIVOT to the factory angle on the bevel side of the knife.
  • Sharpen to the stone or polish tape you are going to finish with.
  • If you do not want to make any marks on the FLAT side of the blade, put a piece of painters tape on the FLAT side at the TOP of the blade.
  • To remove the burr, use the stone or tape you used to finish the bevel side.
  • (This last step, you will do free hand) Lay the stone flat on the flat side of the blade. The stone will ride on the tape and the edge, and will not scratch the knife.
  • Slide the stone back and forth at 90 degrees to the edge. This will remove the burr.
  • Check to see the burr does not re-appear on the bevel side. If it does, make a light pass on the bevel side, and run the stone down the flat side.
  • As the edge gets dull you can bring it back with the ceramic hone. Just remember to run very close to flat on the flat side while you are chisel grind sharpening.