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Edge Pro Inc. -- Riser Blocks

Riser Blocks

  • The RISER BLOCK knife sharpener allows you to sharpen a short blade without moving the knife for perfect tracking. Learn how to sharpen pocket knives with sharpener riser blocks below.
  • Put the GUIDE CLIP on your knife sharpening system.
  • You will need a scrap of wood that is thicker than one side of the handle on the knife. You need to elevate the blade enough so the handle will clear the BLADE TABLE.
  • Cut out a piece of wood that is the length and width of the knife blade.
  • Lay the blade on the RISER BLOCK and mark the shape of the curve at the front of the blade and cut to that shape.
  • If the knife has thumb studs, notch the back corners.
  • Use painters tape to tape the RISER BLOCK to the front of the BLADE TABLE.
  • Bring the KNIFE GUIDE up against the RISER BLOCK and lock it in place.
  • If the GUIDE CLIP does not come up high enough to catch the back of the blade, put a piece of cardboard under it.
  • You can now rest the knife blade on the RISER BLOCK sharpener.
  • Sharpen the whole blade without moving the knife. Also try our small knife attachment.