Why Is Edge Pro the Best Knife Sharpening System?

Posted by EdgePro on Jul 10th 2016

We believe, naturally, that we have designed the best knife sharpening system that money can buy. The reasons are simple, but significant.

1. No Electricity Needed

2. Best Sharpening Stones

3. Precision Angle Adjustments

4. Universal Versatility (no clamp)

5. Simplicity

6. Safety

NO POWER: While electric knife sharpeners dominate the market, true knife enthusiasts know and understand that using a power tool on their valuable knife can be the quickest way to ruin it. Electric knife sharpening systems remove large amounts of metal in just seconds, and leave a ragged edge. They also create heat which can burn the steel, and damage the temper of your knife.

OUR STONES: We have tested hundreds of different sharpening stones for knives and selected the five top performing stones for metal removal, ranging from Coarse to Ultra Fine sharpening stones and everything in between. Any time we find a stone that performs better than one in our existing line of stones, we will replace one of the current stones with it. For example, very recently we replaced our 320 stone with a new 400 grit and have had nothing but positive feedback

Customers send us knives on a daily basis for our Free Sharpening Demo. They always say, "You're going to need to use a diamond stone because this steel is too hard for a water stone." In all of the years we've been in business, we have never had to use a diamond knife sharpener stone on a steel knife. Not only do our stones remove metal efficiently, but they are very affordable. We also have some outstanding polishing options if you are looking to put a mirrored edge on you knife.

PRECISION: Both the Apex and Professional Models have more than enough angle adjustment to accommodate just about any knife. Under the rare circumstances you need a little more or a little less angle adjustment than is built into the machine, you can simply shim the front of the knife for more angle, or shim the back of the knife for less angle. You can also adjust the angle infinitely between the color coded angles to put EXACTLY the angle you want on your knife.

NO CLAMP = VERSATILITY: This is HUGE. We must admit, that when the Edge Pro was in its early stages of development, we experimented with multiple ways of clamping a knife. Until one day Ben realized that the clamp is the problem when trying to build a UNIVERSAL knife sharpener system. In order to get a solid clamp on a knife, you have to have a flat surface to clamp to. A large percentage of knives DO NOT have a flat surface for clamping. Some knives will not clamp at all, others will stabilize but kick in one direction or the other. Then when you sharpen it, you get a different angle on each side of the knife.

Furthermore, a clamp can be extremely inconvenient when sharpening larger knives. If you're able to clamp it at all, you will have to reposition the knife in the clamp multiple times in order to sharpen the entire length of the blade. With the Edge Pro you can sharpen any length blade (even a sword) by just sliding the blade along the blade table, and sharpening the portion that is supported by the blade table.

SIMPLICITY: One thing our customers appreciate is the simplicity of our knife sharpening systems. Both our Apex Model Kits and the Professsional Model Kits are designed to give you everything you need, and nothing more. For someone who has little or no experience sharpening, an abundance of equipment, tools and gadgets can be overwhelming and confusing. Sharpening is actually a very simple process, all you need is the correct angle (meaning, a way of holding it) and the right abrasive. Edge Pro gives you both.

SAFETY: Anytime you're dealing with sharp objects SAFETY is a main concern. Not just for the person sharpening but for others in the immediate work area. There are three safety features built into every Edge Pro.

The first safety feature is the fact that the knife is NOT CLAMPED. When a knife is clamped in a jig, and the jig is fastened to a work surface you create a dangerous situation, where someone could bump into it, or fall on it and potentially impale themselves.

Second, when sharpening with an Edge Pro, one hand stays on the handle of the knife and the hand that controls the stone stays a safe distance away from the edge. In front of the hand that controls the stone we have a built in a safety lip on the stone-holder that will come in contact with the edge before your hand even comes close.

Third, if by some crazy chance you somehow made it past the safety lip, there is a back up safety in place. The front side of the stone holder will come in contact with the pivot and therfore stop the forward motion of your hand.

MADE IN THE USA - All of our quality blade sharpeners are made right here in beautiful Hood River, Oregon, USA.

Ultimately, we make high quality precision sharpening systems that we would want to use ourselves, on our own blades. The Edge Pro Sharpening System was invented by Ben Dale after many years of being a professional knife sharpener. Ben developed an intimate understanding of the shortcomings of the “traditional” knife sharpening tools and techniques, which he saw day after day. He knew there had to be a better way, and The Edge Pro Sharpening System was born. Try one of our knife sharpening kits today.