Edge Pro Apex Pivot Angle Sharpening Guidelines | Edge Pro Inc.

Posted by EdgePro on Mar 27th 2018


When using the Edge Pro Apex model, we recommend that you sharpen most knives at 21 degrees for a good balance of sharpness and durability. Of course there are exceptions. In terms of sharpening angle guides, generally speaking – thin knives used for delicate work should be sharpened at a lower knife sharpening angle -18 degrees. Thicker blades used for heavy duty work and chopping should be sharpened at a higher angle – 24 degrees, sometimes higher.

Apex Model Pivot


When you are set at 21 degrees on a kitchen knife you are actually sharpening at about 19 degrees because you are resting on the FACE of the blade.

You must be resting on the FLAT of a blade in order for the angles to read correctly. The FLAT is the same surface that the handle is attached. There is no FLAT on most kitchen knives.

Almost all sporting and pocket knife sharpening angle are 21 degrees. Often the FLAT is not large enough for a solid rest. Start a bevel at 21 degrees resting on the FLAT. Move to the FACE of the blade, put some marker on the new bevel, and reset your PIVOT. Now you will be set at a much higher angle, but you will be sharpening at 21 degrees on the blade.


  • Japanese cooking knives - Set at 17 or 18 degrees. These are much thinner knives and can handle the lower angles.
  • Heavy hunting knives - set at 23 or 24 degrees if you are unable to get an edge at 21.