Stone Leveling Kit with 240 grit aluminum oxide

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The sharpener stone leveling kit is a piece of glass that is a 1/4" thick, and 12" in diameter with rubber molding installed around the circumference.  This kit comes with a ½ pound bag of 240 grit Aluminum Oxide.

This stone leveling kit is used to resurface your Diamond Matrix sharpening stones. Sprinkle about a ½ teaspoon of the Aluminum Oxide on the stone leveling kit, then add a little water and grind the high spots of the stone down until it is level again. Use the opposite side as a perfect surface for mounting your Professional or Apex model. The rubber guard will help contain metal shavings and deaden the sound created from leveling stones.

The 240 grit aluminum oxide can be used on the standard Edge Pro stones, but it will take longer to achieve results. 

Due to the rising cost of postage, we are no longer shipping the SLK internationally.