Apex Bench Mount

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The Apex Bench Mount gives you the ability to mount your Apex knife sharpener to any working surface, and drastically increases the stability of the machine overall adding great value to your sharpening setup. This mounted knife sharpener is specifically designed for customers who want a more permanent mounting solution, or want to sharpen on their wood work bench. The Apex Bench Mount bench knife sharpener is easy to install, and can be used with most C-Clamps, screw clamps, or speed clamps. (clamp not included).

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    Nice, Stable Mount

    Posted by Sterling Thompson on Jan 8th 2024

    I used the suction cup mounts on a sheet of glass laying on my desk for a long time. The bench mount is more versatile and reliable than the suction cup method. Should have gotten this sooner. The price is a bit high for what you get but it’s sure nice to have.

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    Apex Bench Mount

    Posted by Jerry L. Weaver on Dec 31st 2023

    Works like a charm. The Apex machine stayss very stable. Highly recomend to all.

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    Posted by Joe on Jun 5th 2023

    The bench mount is very nice for allowing you to mount the unit everywhere a clamp will fit. Also, it keeps both ends down during the sharpening process.

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    Apex bench mount

    Posted by Martin Bravo on Apr 17th 2023

    The bench mount is an absolute must.

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    Apex Bench Mount

    Posted by Ken Lilly on Feb 20th 2023

    Love this product My top is wood, so the suction cups do not adhere very well. This resolves the issue.

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    Solid build

    Posted by William Wyllie on Jul 14th 2022

    Seems great time will tell.

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    Game Changer

    Posted by Steven C on May 2nd 2022

    After using the new Apex sharpener a few times, it was obvious to me that I needed this bench mount. Sure, I could have sorted through my stack of steel stock and made one, but it wouldn't have been as visually appealing. The mount is rock solid, light weight and looks good. Great investment!

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    Great, and necessary product.

    Posted by Tavis Armenta on Apr 13th 2022

    The bench mount is a great product. Low cost, nicely made, fast shipping. The bench mount is, in my opinion, necessary; especially if you’re doing a small business or wanting to set up at a workbench. The bar clamps down tightly and has very little wiggle, only if I purposely try to wiggle it. Overall, 5/5.

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    Apex Bench Mount

    Posted by Max on Oct 28th 2021

    I'm updating my earlier review. When I first tried this mount I was in the process of sharpening a very wide cleaver and use of this product took up space on the slide so I wasn't able to use it. So I only did a cursory test of it. Since then I've been using it to sharpen other knives that don't have the wide blades. It's GREAT !!! When I was using only the suction cups I had to stop periodically to restick them and often the Edge Pro Apex would end up a a little angle. With this mount the unit stays in place so makes sharpening so much easier and faster. GREAT PRODUCT !!!

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    Apex Bench Mount

    Posted by Max on Oct 27th 2021

    This mount is just meh. It works, at least better than the suction cups but it could use some modifications. It's nice that it just screws on but I found that with something big like a cleaver the mounting screw gets in the way. Also, the one I received does not go all the way down to the top of the bench so I needed to use a couple washers when mounting to get it to sit right. And I'd like it to have a 'T' end in order to clamp it better ... maybe even some holes so I could just mount it permanently.

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    Great for making my workbench a “sharpening station”

    Posted by Mark Lindzy on Sep 14th 2021

    I added this to my Apex 4 kit order, since I have a basement workbench. I used one of my work clamps and it’s super-steady and reliable…and the clamp also doubles as a rest for my micro-fiber cloth that I use to wipe the knives after a sharpening too.

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    Posted by David Richardson on Dec 21st 2019

    Huge improvement for me. Makes the EP feel much more solid. Didn't even know I needed this until I got it.