250 Grit Matrix Sharpening Stone

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The diamond Matrix line of knife sharpening stones was designed for the sharpening fanatics that insist on the best. Attention to detail and quality are immediately visible when you hold a 250 grit sharpening stone in your hand. The Matrix diamond blade sharpener stones have a special feel of their own, and last an incredibly long time.

As the stone wears, new diamond particles are exposed so the stone continues to cut at the same rate not losing any performance.

***Ideal for the modern "super steels"

***This diamond knife sharpener stone works great for sharpening ceramic knives.

* While we do all we can to reduce voids in the diamond blade sharpening stone we cannot guarantee all diamond grit sharpening stones will be free of them. These voids will not interrupt the sharpening performance.

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    250 diamonds stone

    Posted by Darren Pruett on Mar 2nd 2024

    This diamond 250 really helps to form the bad knife manufacturers angles of blade taper

  • 4
    Works Good

    Posted by Kyle Sampson on Mar 16th 2023

    Nice build quality, this is a good stone to do minor reprofiling. I do however feel like it's not as aggressive as my standard 250 grit stone might just be me though.

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    250 grit matrix sharpening stone

    Posted by Dave Edlund on Mar 6th 2023

    Works great! Gives a nice edge to my kitchen knives.

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    250 grit matrix stone

    Posted by Alex on May 21st 2022

    I wish I purchased one of these sooner! Does a great job on high end hard to sharpen steels without the quick wear of the standard stone.

  • 5
    Matrix stone 250

    Posted by Robert Friscia on Nov 25th 2021

    This is a great reshaping stone. Worked with most metals. Would recommend.

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    Amazing-I love it!

    Posted by Anya on Nov 10th 2021

    I just got this stone and used it as part of a rebuild of a pair of old, never-sharpened, stored-exclusively-in-the-rain Felco pruners. I started with this stone and worked the blade up to a 6000 grit tape (just to be fancy). With my aluminum oxide 220 grit I would have expected it to take maybe 16 or 24 strokes to develop a burr. It took 5 with this stone and almost no material came off the stone. I'm sold on the diamond matrix stones.

  • 5

    Posted by Bill Simmons on Oct 28th 2018

    These stones are amazing. I've had the Professional Edge Pro for 7+ years. The Diamond Matrix blow the old stones out of the water. While my skills have improved over time, the new stones reduce by maybe 80% the time it takes to put a new edge on a knife. I basically chucked all the old stones. I'm using the 250 grit to edge a knife, and 4000 grit to hone it. I may add a few interim diamond stones. But not much more is needed than that. Highly recommended, and totally worth the money.

  • 5

    Posted by Bradley Benac on Jul 8th 2018

    These new Diamond Matrix Stones are amazing!! They are very durable and do not dish as easily, as the regular stones. IMO these stones put a better edge on a blade then the comparable grit in the original Aluminum Oxide Stones! I still use the 220 grit to set the bevel, but each stone after that are these new Diamond Matrix Stones. Fantastic Product Edge Pro!