Polish Tape Blank

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The polish tape blank is used as a mounting platform for the blade polishing tapes. The polishing tapes adhere to the polish tape blank, then the polish tape blank mounts in the stone arm so it can be used like a stone.

Years ago we made the polish tape blanks from two pieces of aluminum extruded bar. The next breakthrough was one piece of aluminum extruded bar with a 1" X 6" piece of glass glued to the top.

Now we're on the next level! The new modern polish tape blank is made from one solid piece of fully machined aluminum. The top surface has been machined to be as flat as possible.  The Edge Pro logo has been engraved on the back so you know we must be proud of it!

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    Posted by max S on Mar 9th 2017

    Okay so... I had the glass blanks before. got these "new" improved all metal blanks after Ben told me about them. I am switching over to these from the glass. These new blanks have a couple things going for them: They are very even to each other, meaning they are nearly the exact same height so you won't have to adjust your stone arm any if at all between tapes. Also the edges are nicely machined and not sharp. They are highly polished and one solid piece. they are also 2 bucks cheaper than the glass. These newer blanks are supposed to be flatter than the old glass blanks... I don't know for sure about that, but I will say I like these better.

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    Posted by Hugh Cenac on Apr 30th 2014

    A very useful EP accessory, for mounting EP Polish Tapes AND other media. 1. Apply a thin strip of medical cloth tape to a blank, then load material with Green or White polishing compounds. 2. An unused blank, with a mounted thin strip of tape, makes a “safe” working surface when adjusting knife placement or sharpening arm-angles – much safer than using a mounted stone, which can scratch you blade’s finish if accidentally moved. 3. Apply double-sided adhesive tape to a blank then mount your choice of leather (cut to 1x6”), fabric, or other material to make a great strop. Thanks again Ben!