2000 Grit Polish Tapes

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For the longest lasting edge, use 2000 grit polishing tapes to create an ultra high mirror like finish.  Edge Pro polishing tapes require a "polish tape blank" and have their own adhesive backing.  Blade finishing tapes can be used approximately 5 times before they need to be replaced. This tape is the same as a 20,000 grit Japanese water stone for sharpening or 9 micron.


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    Polish tapes

    Posted by Colton Corbett on Sep 9th 2021

    Outstanding results I’ve only done one knife ripped one tape on it wish edge pro had info on how to use I did 6 pulls before I started pushing into it mimicked how you use the stones was shaving sharp when I was done

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    Posted by Max S on Oct 16th 2014

    After you finish with your 1000 grit stone you have a decent amount of shine to your edge, but just going up to 2k with this tape takes it to a MUCH higher polish. It seems like you are doing a lot more than bringing the edge up from 1000 to 2000. You could finish a knife and be pretty happy here.

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    Posted by Ken Gardner on Nov 28th 2010

    I have used the 2000 grit and 3000 grit tapes for 2 years. The mirror edge they produce is fantastic. I typically steepen the sharpening angle a fraction of a degree for the polishing tapes to ensure that the tip of the blade edge is actually in contact with the tape. The sides of the tapes can be cut if the tape is not kept exactly parallel to the edge and-or one uses too much force, i.e., do not use any downward force apart from that from the mass of the sharpening rod. However, once cut, I have removed the loose material and been able to still use the remaining tape. I can sharpen at least 10 small knives per tape if I am careful not to tear the tape or use too much force.