Slide Guide (BevelTech)

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Introducing the Slide Guide, an essential accessory designed to enhance your knife sharpening experience. With its innovative design, the Slide Guide provides two points of contact on the knife, significantly improving blade stabilization and enabling quicker, more repeatable blade placement. The Slide Guide features a one-piece construction that spans the entire blade table, coupled with an independently sliding center piece that can lock into position to accommodate a wide variety of blade shapes and sizes.

When used alone, the Slide Guide performs exceptionally well. However, when paired with a magnetized blade table, it elevates the performance of your Edge Pro knife sharpener, making sharpening easier and more precise than ever before.

Crafted from high-quality 6061 T6 aluminum and coated with a .002" thick hard anodized layer, the Slide Guide is built to withstand wear and tear, ensuring durability over time. This high-quality accessory is a valuable addition to your knife sharpening kit, perfect for those who seek precision and efficiency.

*The BevelTech Slide Guide and Apex Slide Guide are the same item.

Primarily designed for blades that remain stationary during sharpening, the Slide Guide is an indispensable tool for achieving professional-level sharpness with ease. Enhance your sharpening arsenal with the Slide Guide and experience the difference in blade stability and placement.